Full Name Carlos Ramon Vanegas Montano.

Born September 30, 2000 Salvador, El Salvador.

Genres All kind of genres.

Occupation(s) Singer, Song writer, Beat Box.

Instrument's guitar, Harmonic, Flute.

Years active 2014-present.

Label Vida Urbana Music.

Carlos Vanegas is a Salvadoran singer and songwriter who was born in September 30, 2000, He had a humble upbringing with his father working in welding and his mother staying at home to take care of the family.

He discovered his singing talent when he was only 7 years old in the choir of a church, which led him to discover much more in the ambit of music such as playing guitar, playing flute, playing harmonics even percussion instruments until making Beatbox which consists in mix melodic sounds and percussion sounds created with the mouth.

At the age of 16 he arrives in the United States of America to get involved with freestylers in the Bronx to learn more about the music scene in different styles of Latin countries such as dembow, trap, rnb and other genres that lead Vanegas to write in all genres this makes him different and versatile in the beat presented to him. (information obtained by him) Vanegas wins a New Jersey state-level poetry competition in 2019 at Willian Patterson University, NJ.

After 2 years trying to recognize before more public Vanegas is heard by the urban life team Music who contact him to offer his support bringing him this to be the first artist under the seal of Vida Urbana Music LA and NY.